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You’ve heard the buzz about jetboards, well finally they’re here! Jetboards NZ are hitting the Bay of Plenty this summer, offering you the chance to experience the latest trend in action sports. Jetboards offer the thrill of a wakeboard and the freedom of a jetski minus the hassle of boats, trailers and launch sights! Just kick start the state-of-the-art inbuilt engine, strap in your feet and get ready to explore!
Based in Tauranga, but with ability to reach the greater Bay of Plenty area, we want to get as many thrill seekers to experience this revolutionary sport over the summer months. But be warned - you are going to want one for yourself! Because on a jetboard, any water will become your playground. You will never look at the ocean, lake or local river spot in the same way again!
Offering electric and petrol powered, lightweight boards that skim you across the surface of the water with ease, this is one experience your not going to forget in a hurry. Our team of professionals are pumped to show you what these boards have to offer! Under our watchful eye we will show you how to master this new sport and enjoy the water in a whole new way.


Dougie Law


My team wish to deliver the ultimate adventure experience to our clients, with the utmost prioty on safety, excellent customer service and punctuality in all areas. Leaving you to focus on all the thrills and excitement that this new technology has to offer!

Our Promise

With guidance from our experienced instructors, we will do everything in our powers to get you up on our Jetboards and experiencing the freedom and adventure that they have to offer!


Rental of the boards and safety gear all included,
• 1 x Board
• 1 x Wetsuit
• 1 x Life Jacket
• 1 x Helmet
• Experienced instructors offering tuition and guidance from a jet ski.
• Go Pro - if required (additional cost)


We will take you through a safety induction prior to you riding and make sure you are comfortable in the water.

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Jetboards Bay of Plenty
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